Calvin Russell was born in Austin, Texas, on November 1, 1948. At age 12, Russell began learning guitar and at 13 joined a band called The Cavemen. In 1989, he met Patrick Mathe of the French record label, New Rose Records, while at a party in Austin and gave him a demo tape intended for noted Austin guitarist and producer, Charlie Sexton. He would go on to sign with the label releasing his first solo album in 1990 entitled A Crack In Time. In promotion of the album, Russell began touring extensively throughout Europe achieving a level of success he had yet to obtain back in the United States….

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Calvin Russell Crossroads


Calvin Russell – Big Brother

Calvin Russell – Wild Wild West

Calvin Russell – Soldier

David Minster who is Calvin’s brother in law performing Soldier

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Calvin Russell photo credit:Fred LoridantLicence Art Libre